Keurig coffee makerFor family and commercial use, Keurig sells many  models for use with K-Cup packs.  K-Cup machines are applied to brewing a single cup of coffee, tea, or other hot beverage.


Keurig B155 Single-Cup Coffeemaker Review

For family or office, using Keurig B155 is a wise choice. The operation is simple and it has multiple language settings, so you need not to worry about whether you can understand the operating instructions or not. Besides, you can four different drink sizes. It will take about 30 seconds to 1 minute to have a pot of coffee.

Cons to the Keurig B155

There are also a few cons of Keurig B155. When using Keurig B155, we have to use Keurig products, or “K-cups”  and you may not get your favorite flavor from  K-cups.


There are many reasons that make single cup coffee makers so popular. Just stay at home, you can enjoy your coffee that with the style of the coffee house. Imagine that in a winter afternoon, you sit in front of the window, enjoy the sunny and coffee. How beautiful it is. Besides, the coffee sealed within a clean cup to make sure that you can enjoy a cup of clean and healthy coffee.