Bunn coffee maker

If you prefer a quick coffee brewing, you can choose a Velocity Bunn coffee pot. Because it has a hot water tank in the internal to keep the water warm and to brew at any time.

Features of the BX
Just like the other ten cup coffee makers, the Bunn BX home brewer has many similar features. It only takes three minutes to brew and it is equipped with a Bunn’s unique sprayhead design so as to extract coffee flavor.
In addition, the Bunn BX has a porcelain-coated warming plate and has a lighted on/off switch on it. However, they lighted on/off switch can not work automatically. And it has no programmable options and no pause and serve feature.
Another shortcoming is that this machine has to keep plugged in all the time and if unplugged or there is no power, it will stop working. Also, it will take about 15 minutes to reheat after powering back on.
To make sure a good flavor, the Bunn BX uses quick brewing time and unique sprayhead design.


BUNN – Velocity Brew High-Altitude 10-Cup Coffeemaker – Black
This machine just need only three minutes to bring you 10 cups of delicious coffee. Equipped with a stainless-steel internal hot water tank and spray head, it ensures the best flavor of your coffee.
Product Features
10-cup capacity to provide plenty coffee for your family. Stainless-steel internal hot water tank ensures an optimal brewing temperature.
Bunn-O-Matic 10-Cup Classic Home Coffee Brewer – Black
It will take only 3 minutes to have a pot of flavors fresh and pure coffee because this machine has a unique sprayhead brewing system. Besides, the interior of the coffee maker is made from stainless steel thus you can enjoy a cup of delicious and fresh coffee. Equipped with porcelain-clad warming plate, this machine is able to keep coffee at the perfect temperature for several hours.
No matter for individuals or families, parties or meetings, Bunn-o-Matic home coffee maker will be the perfect choice.
Bunn Coffee Makers is famous for their superior commercial coffee brewers. It is a good choice to use Bunn Coffee Makers for home coffee brewing.