black & decker coffee maker
Black & Decker coffee maker
,  as a very popular coffee maker, it’s distributor is recalling the product voluntarily, the specific models of Black & Decker are the 12-cup coffee maker configured with a molded handle the same color with the machine and a metal stent running around near the bottom, the safety commission said. The agency says that anyone who are using that type should stop at once. Applica Consumer Products allow people who have the recalled models to change for free.


Black & Decker® 12-Cup Coffee Maker

You will enjoy the convenience and peace of mind brought by the smart features of programmable  great 12-cup and the Sneak-a-cup® which can help you to brew coffee in the morning.


Black & Decker 5-cup Drip Programmable Coffeemaker with Permanent Filter

No matter for individuals or smaller households, 5-cup programmable coffee maker can bring the perfect service to you. It’s equipped with a digital timer, the removable brew basket,  permanent filter and programmable clock, which are the perfect features for brewing and preventing leakage and having fresh coffee whenever you want.


Black & Decker 4 Cup Coffee Maker DCM 55

4 Cup Coffee Maker DCM 55 belongs to a drip type coffee maker which are capable for a power consumption of 800 W. It can brew 4 cups of coffee or tea at the same time. The carafe for brewing and serving coffee of DCM 55 is made up of Schott glass because of its good durability and heat resistance. With the swing out filter basket, it  becomes easier to filling coffee. Before preparing coffee, the water level indicator of it can help to observe the level of water. And there is a Keep Warm plate to keep warm of coffee. The indicator light is used to check the status of operation of the appliance.

Black & Decker is not only famous for its array of coffee machines but also best known  for its tools and handyman products. It’s product are sold worldwide thought there are some shortcoming of its machine.