If you are not looking to spend a ton of money, but still want a quality sling to have some fun with, this–1 Point Tactical Bungee Sling might be your only option. It is an excellent piece of equipment to approval an SMG or tactical rifle. Constructed out of high quality nylon making it resistant to most wear and tear, as well as water and damp environments, it includes a metal quick-detach snap hook. It simply goes around the body while the snap hook attaches to a single point allowing you to move your weapon into any position freely while giving you support when going hands free.

– High Quality Durable Nylon Construction
– Water & Moisture Resistant
– Metal Quick Detach Snap Hook
– Bungee Cord allows Freedom Movement

1 Point Tactical Bungee Sling, an ideal partner to your rifle

One user mentioned that he admitted he was skeptical when he first got this sling. He couldn’t trust his eyes when he saw this high quality product with a cheap price. At first, he tore the package out, he found two slings with just a rubber band around them. It looked fairly superficial from the first eye. Frankly, at that moment he was very disappointed. Then he connected one on his rifle, which was a heavy gun. However, the sling performed better than his expection. The clasp seems sturdy enough to catch, there is no need to worry about its broken into half. The bungee, in point of fact, controlled well, and the materials used seemed to have good quality. He indicated that he would obtain this product again. He added that he had manipulated this sling over the past several weeks and it seemed to be holding up super fine.

Another man said that this is the best sling he has used. The metal clip is very sturdy and super simple to attach to his gun. The straps could be adjusted to fit his fatty body. He admitted that the straps were so great that he was comfortable and safe with this sling. Furthermore, the bungee cut a lot of pressure that concentrated on the weight of the gun. The best of all was the fact that it was only about $5, including free shipping. Wow, it was a great price for this great product. Highly recommended!

When he saw this 1 Point Tactical Bungee Sling at the first attention, he had a strong preference for this product. Specifically on shorter barrelled lightweight tactical weapons. This was an especially enjoyable one. He was deeply attracted by its pleasant quality and functionality. He has never met a product like this stuff. The price was also affordable. It was durable as well, he would think it could be used for a long time. He mentioned that he would buy another one without hesitation.