Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Before you walk into a store to buy a new coffee maker, there are several things you should consider.

First, you should know how many people in your family like coffee and how many cups they would like to drink everyday. If only a few person like and they only have one cup a day, single-serve machine can meet you. If there are several people indulge, a 4-cup, 10-cup or 12-cup machine may be your better choice.

Second, different kind of coffee makers will take different time to brew a pot of coffee, so you should know that you need a fresh cup in seconds or you can have it after several minutes.

Types of Coffee Makers

Drip Coffee Makers
Benefits include:
It is easy to use, add a coffee filter with ground coffee, and then fill the reservoir with water, turn it on and you can enjoy the delicious drink in a few minutes. No matter for individuals or groups, this kind of machine can offer enough amount of coffee because it can brew from 1 to 12 cups of coffee. Besides, Many models are fully automatic and programmable so you can set up the machine in advance.

Espresso Coffee Machines
Benefits include:
Almost whatever type of ground coffee you like, dark or light roasts, modern espresso makers wiil meet your demands. Besides, it can make any number of espresso shots and its dual spout makes it possible to make either two separate shots or one double shot at the same time. Many models are equipped with programmable settings and there is a adjustable shot length to ensure the shot of espresso.

French Presses
Benefits include:
Its design is very simple, there are a tall cylinder, a plunger and a filter. Just need boiling water and coarsely grounded coffee and you can enjoy your good taste coffee.

Single Cup Makers
Benefits include:
Single cup makers only suitable for small households because they only make one cup of coffee at a time. But they can provide a variety of pod flavors and styles so it can satisfy a lot of people. And you will not waste your time with its fast and efficient process.

Coffee Maker Features

Power Options: if you always forget to turn off the coffee maker, a machine with an auto shut-off feature may be your best choice.

Timers: the greatest advantage of timer is that it can bring you a cup of hot and fresh coffee when you need.

Appearance: some coffee makers in a chrome or stainless-steel finish and some have a cord storage, you can select one kind of style according your preference.
Water Filtration: whether a machine has a water filter or not affect the taste of coffee directly. It can remove chlorine, strange odors and other bad tastes to ensure a pot of high quality coffee.

Cleanability: there are some kinds of machine that will remind you clean your coffee maker and some even have self-cleaning cycles thus the life of your coffee maker will be longer.

Extra Features: if you would like to pour a cup of coffee while it’s still brewing, you can choose a machine with a pause option. You can even change the strength of your coffee by using a machine with a brew-strength option.

The works of all kinds of coffee maker is to mix hot water with ground coffee, and then filter out the grinds.

There are many kinds of coffee makers to select. You can have one according your perferance and the amount of person that like coffee. What is selected most by others may not be the one that fit you most. So make decision by yourself.

Single Cup Coffee Brewers or How many cups do you drink?
If you need only one cup a day, a one- or two-cup drip model or single-serve pod machine will be your better choice. A bigger machine may be more suitable for mutiple.

Coffee Drip or requires a special machine
Drip brewers have many kinds of models with different functions, so before you buy one, you should have a better understanding of them through internet. There are simple two-chamber pot of machines and fully automatic machines,so choose one according to your situation.